Be Unique


Sell Something!

Sell your-Self!!!

Do you build things?

Even if kinda or have's your answer, might as well use us to promote and vend your wares, the more the merrier yahp?

We don't always make sense being who we are, but maybe we's worth a few cents...

How it works...?

What to do is easy.

If you've been working on a project, or already done something...
Then promote's it with us, just share a picture and some details.
all require being classified as a creation, right on the right hand side of the post page. or be perceived as digital junkmail
Show the world if you got something!!!

From there on out it becomes an auction.

  1. Create Stuff/Art,Furniture,whatever...
  2. Put it up for Auction
  3. Post it with an asking price
    In the P/Boddities Database

It can last as long as you'd like, fundamentally forever. When it sell's, it's creator simply accepts an offer.
They can always say no, wanting a little more, but who doesn't...that can be reality

This be the computational age we's living in, and computes don't have labor laws we's have to deal with, so whoever you is, you's can display, produce and promote throughs us as long as you's wish...

What have you devised?

Your P/Boddity


What you've
Add as either an AUCTION or POST

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