Neighborhood, A game of OTHERS...about

Founded originally in 2007 by Jose Weiss&myself(Brian Jolles)

Jose whom I'd then known as Frog, he pronounces that Phrrogggg. Came home one night and by night I mean 5:00 in the morning and woke me up to play a game he'd just learned. He was still adamently tipsy. 'It's cool,' he said 'it involves cards and dice.' There was enough smoke in the pipe to inspire me to get up. We sat down to play. 'It's called, Neighbor' he told me with an outstretched finger and then he started dealing cards out of the deck.

About half way through the deck he said,'wait I can't remeber how many cards we deal...' That was strike one he followed that up with 'actually I don't really remeber how the game is played, I learned about it uptown, I just remeber you roll the dice and if your card number matches the roll you play something happens'

From there we attempted rolling the dice and playing out cards, it didn't make much sense but the smoke soothed the morning and we watched it start evolving. A little while later Smoothy stopped in which was usual. Every day we babysat his dog while he went down to the nearby methadone clinic. To which he'd toast a blunt, today he was caught by the strange game. Frog and I made it so when you rolled other's played off the roll, as in having a cup of sugar for your neighbor

It casually became a part of our morning, Smoothy would return to which we'd smoke a blunt and play the game. It wasn't Neighbor the game Frog had started out intending to we called it Neighborhood. A game that didn't need A's or Kings but was simply a deck of cards and dice.

A few years later I found myself living in a solid living situation. It got called off after a few years because it was rather Bro-mantic. This was in Seattle, and because I'd rather haply stumbled upon Seattle, I didn't have any regular job. Though I did scraggle a paycheck here or there but my time was filled with my own intention to build upon life. To which I took up building that Neighborhood game, this time breeding new growth, actually creating a new custom deck of cards. The game aswell took on a new form with the duality of the deck, building houses and the interaction of the Bum and the Tycoon

Causing the winner's circle to change in a drop of the hat, there I changed the name to Neigborhood, A game of others, because now it was no longer even Neighborhood, an interpretation of a game Frog learned. Then I moved back to Massachusetts. Life threw a few curveballs. I found myself back at school after a car made me push reset on life.

It's an okay life, but because I was going back to school, I studied how to make the internet. I never caught on by Hasbro or other Toy companies. Not that I really tried to, so it made sense to turn the cards digital. Make it a game you can play with dem's computer's. So far I've taught the computer how to deal the cards, I followed the Seattle transition that your only delt seven cards, though tragically, when that car hit reset on my life. It scrambled my brain like an egg, I don't remember if there was an amount delt. In New York I think it was all the cards...Silly scrambled egg

Now the Bum and the Tycoon do nothing, and the cards litter the board, houses aren't built and occupied by residents/guests...clearly there is a fair amount of work I could do trying to build this up but some of the coding might get out of my league. How do I control the css wrangling. I know there's a way to play this game. We'll get to see where it all goes...

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