Clich Reality

By Brian JollesThanks y'all ;)

Table of Contents...

  1. How Time Began
  2. What Became Reality
  3. Our World Turns
  4. One Shade of Reason
  5. Curtis Meet Marvin?
  6. Facebooked Into Reality
  7. Skeptic Perseption
  8. Time Has Meaning
  9. All Goes in a Circle

How Time Began

His life was something else, he gave up trying to understand years before that car intervened in his existence. He could never swallow the truth, and since they'd spoken several times about it, he had to perceive it's potential reality. What happened that day was an errent fluke, though he questioned often what had he done in the moment. That question haunted his sense of being, that question always sat in his stomach.

It's quite possible that he looked into the the tendril eyes of death and accepted it. He'd told her the night before that he wasn't looking for trouble, but if death knocked on his door he'd be happy for it. She was leaving him for a man, the same situation of love he'd had, he accepted it. He'd welcome the next life with open arms. If she was leaving him then love had moved on, he thought of her, whom he'd left in the past.

She was leaving him for him, who had stoically held out his foreign hands for her, which she duefully accepted. This gentleman already spoke the language when he followed love over seas, when he'd done that they were all foreign and he got twisted up by the language. Even if love had already spoken it's own, it didn't pay bills.

It was something he'd accepted, time moved on. He never believed that he'd actually pursued his demise, when that car irregularly stuck itself between him and the green light, it was an intense storm and he was on a scooter. It was highly unexpected, but what did he do in the moment? Did he do what he could to avert the accident, or did he accept it. He could never tell. After such an incredibly traumatic experience, the choice of life is taken out of your hands.

Your preservation and recuperation is the will and drive of others, even if he had accepted death. Until you've crossed the line for atleast an hour, they'll do what they can to keep you going. He turned out to be some incredible survivor of the situation. Perhaps his brain was accepting and ready for the end but his body didn't go along for the ride. He came through with gold stars. When the brain is heavily damaged the repricussions can be extreme.

The fact that his neural damages were almost primarily in the part of the head that registers motor skills, he was capable of resuming life. Granted he was no longer the artist that he was because he had only the memories of his art, the skills that produced it were fundamentally something that he had to relearn. He had to figure out how to make his hand move like it did. He had the memory of his signature, but he signed his name differently.

The first month of reality consumed even ten days before the accident, all he remembered was that he'd just moved into a new house and that change was in the air, her man was already planned to be moving in though there would have been three crucial months. He wonders what conversations they'd had, because he did often find himself fantasizing that time of his life, before the incident took it's radical change of reality.

What conversation's they'd had didn't matter, his life changed on that moment. Reality never concerned him much, but that might be in response to one of his clear deficiencies. He didn't harbor ill will, depression was something that he could only reference in context. He didn't feel bad about anything, even when there were clearly things to feal bad about. When she last was a part of his life, he'd accepted that time had moved on and he missed her even when she stood beside him.

Though the insurance company insisted that life moved faster then his recooperation insisted, they were happy to give him the first few months of care. Though after he'd survived the accident and the bones had healed. They were ready to stop carrying him, they didn't care that his front tooth, in presservation of the moment had accidentally turned around and healed backwards.

They stopped the bleeding inside his skull, and managed the resculpturing of his eye socket that had clearly taken in part the blunt of the accident. They were finished paying for his recovery, they'd 'saved' his life, he was back on his own for getting through it. If he wanted he could file for disability and several lawsuits. He wasn't concerned. After having a serious traumatic incident like that he simply felt releaved with the sentiment of being alive. It never really crossed his mind why he'd been in the accident to begin with.

Though returning to life was nothing like he'd expected it to be, he thought the memories of his past would travel with him. They did, though they were jumbled, he hadn't lost them, though he often couldn't keep track of them. When he returned the house still felt brand new, even if it was almost six months that last trip to Dom's wound up taking.

Apparently he had been going out for a sandwhich when he got side-tracked. Given where the incident took place and the fact that he wasn't carrying his phone at the time, it makes sense. Though after life takes such a drastic turn, details don't really matter.

His first problem was that he'd been a delivery driver, one side effect of having a scooter for a primary vehicle, other than losing the access to drive for 3-5 months of the year. Was that he got to have fun racing around all day and make money. After losing his motor skills, he wasn't capable of driving so nimbly and his scooter hadn't survived the accident.

Though the company was gracious and offered a really mundane task of dispatch information transferal, he would occasionally tell drivers where to go and restaurants what to produce. Those few that wanted the benefit of delivery but not the expansion of adding an old-school fax machine to there assembly.

A slight catch-22 he caught, and though it wasn't a fun means of work it was a fundamental means of employment. He didn't have to like the job, but after fighting off his insurance company to keep as much of the money from the driver's insurance, he didn't have enough to live comfortably for more than a few years. The job, might not be anything special but it was a necessary beast to burden. It seemed he'd need the job for atleast the majority of his life.

Every day he got hungry and it didn't appear that he'd ever go a day without the necessity. Eventually time simply moved on, though he never felt like he was on the right foot. He could have redistributed his learning curve. He could have gone from righty to lefty, he could have done so much, but normality is something one is drawn towards even if he didn't feel he had the vocabulary for it.

Eventually, she parted ways with him completely, he just assumed that their love had blossomed, and he was a potential carcinogenic. He was side tracked enough to not take a deap notice. What he really learned was that she had been his best friend. That had always been the muse of their relationship. They even made strange little clauses, like they didn't kiss, probably so they could easily retort, 'we only kissed once,' that wasn't a lie, something that Monroe had called out as a love affair in the moment.

The one time they kissed was probably the one time they didn't make love. At the beginning they even secretly held hands when he was in town. Walking down the sidewalk five steps behind him and their other friends. That was worlds from the present. Now she'd probably deny the existence of those moments, she probably blocked them out of memory as far as he had of the accident. Part of him must know and remember it, like all the other thoughts in his head, though it was lost in the annals of memory.

Then he started having the dream. He was coming from somewhere, that he'd just satisfied sation, was that the coffeeshop, Pickle or Dom's? He was satisfied. Then the light turns red and he stops, in this moment, the skies part and a storm appears out of nowhere. The sky still shows a ray of sunlight glistening into the rain that's set firmly upon him. The light turns green and he finds himself drawn in pursuit of his livingroom. The race is on, he's driving incredibly aggressively but it's justified by the situation. Then suddenly he sees the car, he has a moment, oh shnikees though it all happens sooner than he can react. If he'd thought to swerve left, he knew what was wrong with instinctual reaction. He should have just swerved, though he included braking at the moment, the flashing storm of rain had slickened the pavement and it caused the bike to slip out from under him.

Then suddenly he awakened panting uncontrollably, was that really it? The moment of the accident or just what he perceivied the moment of the accident to be. Because it was already well over a year and he didn't feel any particular reason that he'd be concerned any greater with the memory of it. That's when he really started wondering if he had actually survived the accident, his survival reality was so concrete even with new mundane work in the office and the resumed status of living.

Life truly felt like it had moved on, but without her, life truly felt empty. He understood how and why she drifted so far away, but in the same moment he'd think of her and know it was something he'd done and accepted years before she ever came into his life. He felt empty, if he truly was in the next perception of existence it was rather ornately hellish, everything was good, but there was no spark in his existence. Life started feeling questionable, though this situation was always presenting itself, he'd just been too bashful to pay attention.

Though there was always the scooter, since he'd first grown appreciation for one two years prior they had become his means of existence. Life felt good when he was on a scooter, he was in the moment then, what was was, and it didn't matter deeply to him that he was over thirty, life was a playful rompus room.

That life was something he had no trouble letting go of, but he never knew how much that had meant to him, but then he never had the chance to see what it'd become. It was the glue that was binding him to the world but he let it go, understanding the inherent danger of them and the fact that before he blicked twice he'd be almost fourty years old.

He didn't like that so much of life was in the rear view mirror. Who he was once upon a time, was culminating. The results of which added to very little, but were pleasantly well balanced. For all he knew life had ended in that moment, and this was his only impression of the afterlife. Though reality states there is nothing more than the moment, those mystics who talk to 'ghosts/spirits' are probably really just vibing off the person they're reading.

It's not to say they don't have incredible empathy and awareness, they might vibe your feeling towards a particular word, how they see that word is an awareness of other senses. It was just that word had spoken to them, like it was the only language it had in a particular fashion.

When it was spoken to his soul that it was potentially avertable, but something he'd accepted in the moment, and the way she disapppeared from his reality. He started this fealing and awareness that perhaps life really had moved on from that moment. His awareness and appreciation for this new sentiment of being no longer felt connected to the world he'd lived. It didn't take long to convince his work that he didn't really need to be in the office, he just needed to provide the services, an internet connection and a telephone.

It wasn't of high concern to the company he was mostly given the duties, just so on the books they looked good, clean, and honest. He suggested it one afternoon, that he could just tele-commute, it was mostly a joke, life already was, what it was. Though they said sure, just log-in between his scheduled hours and they'll even start mailing his paycheck. He could fundamentally become a phantom of the company. Granted it cut the mediocre bus-ride to and from work, but it opened the world of potentiality for him.

If life really had ended that day then what was he doing sludging through the wreckage of that existence. Why couldn't he broaden his perspective of reality, see something new even if it was a twisting reality of what was to those he'd lost in that old life. Life had changed and the job didn't hold him back, he was free to tap into the greater world of awareness.

Eventually, he found himself in some corner of the south-west, it was a slight mix on the edge of the canyon and the desert. There was very little around, well north of the grand-canyon on the edge of the rockies, not at the edge of the world, but somewhere he'd never been before.

Thanks to the states extreme temperance to cannabis, and the massive expanse of parks, it was ideal for him to start again. It was in range of the services and the town diner, though there wasn't much choice for either host or quality. Atleast the diner's one real employee was a cute waitress named Marla, who he found himself quickly falling in love with.

His life was extremely mundane but it was always surounded by someplace new, even if he always had the same things to eat and a 1/3rd of his life was pointlessly spent waiting other's people needs of delivery, a world away from where he was. The closest city was a town and that was still ten miles away. Atleast his rent was paid in full for the year and it cost less than a month at his old place.

He might not have prime choice of concession, though the last time he had a place nearby he liked, had an arduous consequence, though he did eat at Dom's several more times, but always by bicycle. He did still have his car, and it brought him out here. There is nothing but land, boulders, trees, and streams.

His daily life settled into a grove, four days of the week he fulfilled the task of work. The rest of his time was spent delving into the mystically realm of the unknown nature. Typically he'd lead those days with a bag packed filled with lunch, snacks, and disc-golf discs. In the expanse of nature, he'd play makeshift targets that he'd envision as baskets.

To those who aren't aware of disc-golf, it is a growing sport, a new interpretation of the regular game of golf, though as opposed to using impressive clubs to smack a ball into a hole 300+ yards away, it relied on throwing specific aeronautic discs about half the size of a regulation frisbee, into a basket hovered aproximately 3'6"~ off the ground about a 100+ yards away.

He'd grown deaply attatched to the game when he used to live in the north west, and though there was actually a course about 45 minutes away, he was happy to just play in nature. More than once a weak going to the course was too often and since he didn't have the same motor skills, he didn't really remember how he used to throw. He had the impression that he almost threw in a circular motion though now he just threw intrinsically facing forward. Most of the interim was searching for the lost throws, sometime's right where you remember it, is no where to be found.

His mind reeled though it was really just tangoing with reality. Nothing special was really happening, he was adapting into the real new world truly as a child, though he couldn't avert the reality that he was standing in the body of a grown man. He really was trying to keep his mind as far from reality as he possibly could and he was doing a really good job of it. Though everyday was really reminding him that life didn't have a sense of purpose or reason. Though still as he stood in that field he felt a strange unity, he was doing something in life, even if it was meaningless.

This was what he was doing that fateful day. In earnst he must have known where he was, though more just the general area. He was playing a make believe course that travelled alongside a river, which he imagined began in the mountains. Though reality wasn't of concern, he'd had breakfast and filled his pack with lunch and snacks, if today's adventure took until 10pm it didn't matter.

He didn't mind stretching reality but he felt it important, to stay within arms reach. Why? He'd later ask himself, when he called out to the world, it wasn't like people really listened. Still it was morning of that day and life still seemed in limbo of reason.

The last faux hole was a dog-leg left that nickered a precipice. It had a nice open feeling the kind of faux-hole that really deserved a basket. The way it was laid out, was almost like it was already made as a disc-golf hole. This was extremely unlikely, though compared to what followed, made it just as plausable.

His first throw was too sharp and didn't curl like he'd intended it to. He blamed it on that weird dot in the sky which had caught his attention as he was throwing. "What the hedge, is that?" He asked the void. "You really need to make some friends," he followed that up with. Lonesomeness he didn't predict, but it had sadley become his reality. Even here, doing something, he still felt unattached. Which was absurd, but such was life.

He meandered towards the edge of the river he perceived his disc had landed in. "You's gonna swim," he goosed himself, and was thankful that it was atleast summer-time. It wasn't like he didn't want to go in the water, just the unplanned reality. Still though that strange blob in the sky appeared to be growing and he couldn't understand what it was.

There is never anything like that in the sky, he didn't know what to compare it to. Though as it grew in size it started giving him the impression that it was something falling out of the sky. At first he could't figure it out, then he got the impression maybe it was a satellite falling from outer space and crash landing, out here in the middle of no-where.

"There's no way, that really a satalitte falling from outer space," He absurded. Though what else it could be he didn't know, all he could tell was it seemed like it was heading straight for him. "No way, that car didn't kill me. This God's way of saying I was really meant to die? Or is this just the way my mind is twisting in this new after-life reality. I run out of ways to bogart my mind into believing that I'm still alive, so now it'll 'almost' kill me again? Merde la vie est strange."

These were his last words as that strange object, cut the very sun out of view. It seemed to have been coming right for him. Then suddenly there was a loud crash-bang and he found himself fully clothed in the river.

He didn't know what was anymore, everything had changed. For the first few minuntes he just laid there staring up at the sky which seemed to have returned to normal. He physically was fine but he didn't trust himself. He could be bleeding to death from schrapnel of the earth, for all he knew a boulder had just sheered his legs off.

He laid there quietly shaking, he thought perhaps life had just finally ended. Though really it just began and it was really grander than he could imagine. He just laid there staring up at the sky the first few minutes and believing that he'd finally moved on. Then the whole world changed.


What Became Reality

It took him a few minutes to understand what even happened. Some albatros had crash landed in the 'fairway' of the hole he was playing and the reverberation of that impact sent him flying into the nearby river. Or so he could only perceive after finally making his way back to land.

He stood their baffled staring at the object which didn't seem to make any sense to him. Then suddenly out of nowhere it started steaming. Instinctually he drew his phone, "who the heck do I call about this?" He murmered through this bizarre reality that was encompassing his own.

"There ain't anybody I can think of..." He replied for no reason. This enourmous object couldn't have been a sattelite, maybe a space-station had some errent dissaster. Something must have happened because the object looked so obviously man-made.

After he couldn't think who to call upon this matter, it irked him greatly. He'd always used to have a best friend who stood beside him. Maybe he wasn't there in this moment, but where was he in his life. He could easily think of ten people that he knew, who might have easily filled that role, but those were in his previous sentiment of existence. Since she'd moved on, which was preordained, he stopped having a best friend and it was something he didn't realize until this moment, as he held his phone the only person he could think to call was his mother.

"Hey you," he heard her speaking to him. "You got an address, I can start mailing you these checks they keep sending me from your work, which I presume your still doing."

"Ma, you won't believe what just happened." He interupter her.

"Yes, what? What's going on? You seem frantic..."

"I don't know some, spacestation-esque albatros sort of thing just came about 50 yards from tossing me into the after-life for good."

"Your still talking all that after-life shit? You got to get over that, you had a near death experience, that's why you said you had to go to the end of the Earth. And what do you mean albatros space station?"

"I mean some clearly man made object just crash landed in the field beside me. I don't know what it is. To be honest I'm waiting to hear the helicopters, I can't be the only person who knows anything about this thing. I don't know what's going on."

"That's weird, send me some pictures of this thing whatever it is."

"Kay ma, I'll say the strangness of this situation's starting to put be back in that whole afterlife mumbo-jumbo."

"Don't say that it's bad enough I almost lost you once." She sterned up on the phone and he could feel her seriousness, he hoped the pictures would convince her.

"Well, fortunately it wasn't twice." He repied. "I'll tell you more as I learn it." To which his conversation with her concluded. This gave him a slightly disturbed sentiment though he was caught off guard. As he was turning his phone into a camera, he noticed the object changing.

The steaming had subsided and it was transforming before his very eyes. "What the fudge," he found himself drolling as it changed. The whole thing metamorphasized into what appeared to be a platform and as the haze of steam cleared he realized there was a man on the platform. "Thank the good lord, I didn't know what to do if I was alone in this." He stammered through what appeared to be new-found gasps of breath from this man.

He didn't realize what he meant by those words, and about two hours later when nobody else had happened upon them. He wondered if it was a curse, or a hoax atleast, but who would be doing this to him. Who even really knew where they were.

"What's going on? You have any clue?" He found himself saying but this man didn't seem to respond to him at all. "Who are you?" He felt himself starting to fray, who was this guy, what was going on. He was supposed to be somebody who understood what was going on. Why wasn't there a helicopter or somebody, the less people the more he found himself questioning whether he even existed at all. Was this how he was coming to terms with his own mortality? He thought of his mother he thought of his ex, he thought of his last five bfs, he thought all the way back to him. Though still this new person didn't say a word.

He just lay there apparently breathing, though nothing seemed to make any sense anymore. The world he'd once known, no longer existed. He began to even wonder who he was, himself. The very fabric of reality, which once seemed so practical, had changed. "You are Theodore" he found himself saying, "You are Theodore, this is reality, which I can only assume is real. You are what is. I don't get it."

He didn't realize it wasn't his to get, life has a way about it. We make choices all the time but it's really not in our control. Even if we think we choose every step we take, which frankly he perceived you must. Still it didn't explain all the turns that his life had taken. And this was what it was, but he didn't even quite accept what that meant.

The first half hour was as surreal as anything he could imagine. This guy seemed to do nothing but weaze, and when nobody happed upon them. He started feeling certain that this entire proceding had been a dream. Though, he never woke up, in escapably it was real. "Please," he founded himself pointlessly re-interating. "Who are you?"

He couldn't stop desiring that he speak to him. Though he did nothing but weaze. He didn't realize that this man never used his mouth as a voice. He didn't have a clue who he was, but given his human appearence, certain aspects were considered inevitable.

He didn't realize how far from reality he really was. His world changed more every day then he fundamentally could fathom. Though he couldn't contend that he wasn't who he was. Life just can take bigger turns then one might imagine, despite that he'd perceived he'd already been over the big hump. He was really just at the start of a new beginning.

Then suddenly he started moving. This releaved him greatly as if somebody had arrived, asked what was going on and if their was anything they could do to help. Just his movement spoke volumes despite it's lack of a voice. When he stood it revealed his short stature. Which surprisingly surprised him. Typically, because he was taller than most he was aware of people's height, and while laying he appeared to be almost as tall as himself. Though standing he seemed more like half his size.

Considering he was nude, he never looked squarely at the fellow. Fortunately he had a sweater in his pack. When he first handed it to him he simply stared at it and rubbed it against his face, "that there's something you can use to cover yourself." He beckoned. "We's a rule were we's no shirt no shoes something something." Eventually he simply flopped the shirt over his head, and it covered him to the knees and his arms didn't come close to filling the sleeves.

"Just cuz, that might be true, don't make it what I want to hear. Um, who are you talking to?" He asked himself, "this stranger who almost killed you doesn't say a word and your bat-shit loony. Come now Theodore, who are you talking to? If you the doctor today, that means this guy's up the creak..."

Over the first few hours, Theodore made the transition. He'd gone from totally off gaurd to batty, now he just felt lost. "How come nobody's shown up round here? This can't be and yet this is. How's I the only one who seems to know anything about this." Talking to only the trees and river made him feel even loopier, but he couldn't stop talking. Which only further convinced him that he'd finally been sucked under water and now was slowly drowning in an extremely surreal fashion.

Suddenly standing next to him he offered his hand. Which he for some reason, inately took. Looking into the man's eye's as he did it. Not like they were in love, but as soon as their fingers touched he felt compelled to. This caused the man's head to tilt as if he was looking into him, then he twisted and appeared distraught. "What's going down, not quite a handshake, but I guess, not quite nice to meet you. All seems a little off."

Then after what he perceived to be at least another hour real noise passed out of him. It's hard to say it sounded like more then an errant grunt but it was noise. And the smile that passed through him was so emotionally grand that it ensconced him. For some reason, it didn't matter what he said, the reality of the noise primordially moved him. The presence of such a sentimentality sparkled between each of them. He didn't even know why he was smiling, but he couldn't stop. This guy was a question mark, and his head couldn't stop swirling the point.

Coming into presence with the environment, seemed strange to him. He didn't know where this guy was coming from but he was confused at how amazed he acted by all he was coming in contact with. An environment wasn't something new to them. But how little the stranger seemed to recognize, was beyond his perception of reality, granted this was his world, he couldn't possibly perceive of another.

Though on the same sentiment he felt that way about this enigma standing beside him. Suddenly the stranger tried speaking to him, but again he only grunted. He was still moved by the pressence, he didn't know why or how but he was gripped to him. Held fast by an idea and an ideology. No matter where it all led to. He seemed to show him he could. He carressed his cheeks then his own, then pulling them he demonstrated, "words come from using this and talking." He found himself suggesting before realizing the words didn't seem to matter, he could have just made garbled noises. That's all the stranger seemed to know of their language.

Though he did seem like he was cogniscent and he did seem like he was coming into prognosis of himself, but he still didn't make anything more than a spectacle to him. Who was this guy? Then the stranger, seemed to come full circle. He took Theodore by the hand and brought him to a corner of the platform.

Suddenly it appeared, he was holding something, and the very air before him start appearing like a screen. At best he could imagine it was from a vapor but he wasn't an engineer or a scientist. He didn't understand those kind of things. He just stood there amazed, when suddenly a video appeared to be playing before him.

It appeared to be of a city. Though clearly technology or gravity was different because buildings often appeared to be stacks of individual houses. The "ceilings" a silmontaneous brodcast of what the actual sky was. It was rather beautiful in a modernist impression, it looked nothing like the world we live in, but the streets were still filled with people like our own.

Then suddenly out of no where, an enourmous object smashed it to pieces. It totally caught Theodore off gaurd. Then suddenly the video cut to an outer perspective of the planet and astroids were clearly visibly smashing into it. The whole world was smashed to smitherenes and it toally made him gasp in shock and awe.

"Woah that's fudged," he found himself saying, and suddenly started realizing what this was. The video seamed to be showing people living in outerspace, though clearly they didn't live outside. They were alive but they clearly didn't have a planet. Then at the end it showed something that looked clearly like the object that had landed there beside him.

To which he looked back at the mystery standing beside him. "Am I getting what I think your telling me...not that you really tell me anything." Then he held his hand up, and Theodore instinctively put his own up to his. This time paying attention to him he realized that he didn't know how to speak with him, but for some reason he did. Things were different, and he suddenly felt good about this situation even though he didn't realize what that actually was.

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Our World Turns

It didn't take long for him to start snapping photo's. He wanted the stranger to replay the video, but he didn't know how to ask him to replay it. This lack of a language was totally frustrating, though his amazement and awareness of the valley was really incredible. It didn't take long for him to find himself talking on the phone with his mother agin.

"You wouldn't believe it, there was somebody inside it, some naked little midget."

"Whoa hunny slow down, what do you mean a naked midget?"

He realized how unbelievable it all sounded but he couldn't escape the reality of it, "I don't know, maybe you'll hear about it on the news, it's something really weird, I thought he was just like from the other side of the world and didn't speak our languge, now I seen this video and it really seams like he's from someplace, like completely different, I don't get it."

"Well, hang in there, send me those pics, hopefully something of this will start making sense, because the whole things been weirding me out and I'm not two thousand miles away from you all. Just keep in the right frame of mind."

"I will but you should have seen this video there was an entire city like The Big Apple, but bigger, and technology was so wacked out and crazy. I tell you I think when he grunted it might really have been the first noise he ever made. I don't know what is but he really might really be some alien creature from some distant planet. Then the impact of those asteroids raining upon the planet, and the shape of this object was the same as what came into contact with me. I tell ya ma, it's really kind of messing with me. I don't really get what is."

"Well I'll say that speil you just went on went about six feat over my head, but it sounds like your having a hailstorm. Just don't go crazy, you know you always stand closer to the edge then I feel comfortable with. Please I beg you, don't go crazy, half of me's already wondering if you aren't already. Send me those pics of this fella."

When their call ended he started wondering if he really had gone kuku for coco-puffs. Once relayed the pictures to her, it settled her raising doubt that he'd had a strange dillusional hallucination of reality. He might have been in the deep end, and she might not have understood how much his world had changed that afternoon, though at least when he ranted about this mysterious stranger, there actually was a picture of a strange man dressed in his sweater.

Suddenly, he felt totally different about him. This man was not who he knew, the only thing he really started knowing was that nobody was coming to check up on the incident and he was starting to grow hungry. Fortunately he'd brought those provisions. The oddity seemed to agree with his hunger when he pulled out the first bag of chips.

"You want some," he said offering the bag to him. The man took one and bit the chip more like a nibble, his face contorted deeply. "Yeah they arn't the best, I prefer salt and vinegar, but sometimes all you got is what they do. This isn't what food really is. Not, that I'm the guy you should talk to. That's more my brother-in-law's cup of tea." He realized he didn't understand him but still he kept speaking.

"So your not from like, from anywhere, your potentially..." His own mind reeled. "I don't get it, not that like I got a choice in that matter. What is, is. What is, is." He found those three words to have a mantral effect. He found himself saying them so often that he didn't even realize when the guy was saying those same three words.

"Are you talking? He found himself expounding, to which he couldn't subset the grin.

Naturally, he didn't reply to him with anything more than, "What is, is." And a smile that reminded him that emotions were are also a means of communication.

His voice sounded strange very moot, but he didn't realize it was the first words he was ever saying. Seeing somebody, who looked, practically the same as you, one perceived certain similarities. This was a sad falsefication he was learning.

He learned a lot that afternoon. He couldn't tell that, but learning happens in more ways then just what you know. He didn't realize he was learning how to act, but then he didn't realize half of what this man knew. He might have used the same fundamental brain, but he used a totally different ten percent.

The man certainly convinced him that he was from some place far away. Though where that was, was a mystery. For all he really knew it might be a hoax, but if it was, then it was something bigger than just himself. An instinctual part of him kept waiting for the lights to come on, and tons to come from nowhere shouting 'surprise.'

They never came and he never quite learned to accept that. The video he saw spoke more than words could say, and he started wondering what those words would even sound like. He didn't know the truth of the matter that the words of his people were not spoken with a voice, voices were an unnessarry part of his anatomy, like tonsels, which is probably why he seemed surprised the first words he'd heard of Theodore's. Noises were a side-effect of machines and attention grabbers, the very notion they didn't really understand, but not something for humans to waste energy on.

His perception of the world wasn't anything he could really imagine. If he hadn't seen that video he'd never accept what he presently called reality, but he knew that he was drawn to him before. There was something enigmatic about him, though he felt strange about that feeling. Almost like his feelings and emotions were being controlled by the enigma of a man. Though, he didn't understand how or why that was possible.

All he really realized was that it was growing later in the day then he perdicted this outting would take, even if he did have enough munchies to make it through the remainder of the day. It wasn't like he brought a tent with him, and he still didn't know what he should call this man.

He really didn't even know who this man was, all he really knew was life was still changing. Radically changing, at least this time he saw it happening. Though this time it was totally different then his past. His past had passed. His new world was revealing itself, and it was presenting a potentiality he couldn't perplex.

Together they slowly walked through the munchies that he'd brought with him. The most apparently appeasing thing was the hard salami stick, though even when he cut him off a piece he perceived as just a nibble, it still took him two bites. Time had a different sentiment, though it was clearly moving, night time was dusking upon them and he was awed by the movement and changing position of the sun and planet.

He didn't realize what an epic and grand sentiment that had been for the man. For all he knew that video was before his lifetime, he might never have known the little quirks and realities of a planet. Though they hadn't yet formed the words to have the realities of each other's existence.

Instead he offered the man a journey to the place he called home, which was another two miles journey which wound up taking them well over three hours. Every nook and crany, the trees, the grass, even the insects that he'd catch squirming away as he turned over stones. Nothing ceased his awe of the moment, which he was happy to play along with, as he'd learned there was no speed limit on life.

He didn't have to be anywhere, so if it took ten times as long to acheive his goals, then that was just more of this silly thing he called life. When they did finally reach the house, a smile moved through them, almost an inherent sense of relief. It did have familiaritees which astonished his perception, he knew where he was. Not just because it was his home, his perception of structure didn't abide by the same rules.

When he first opened the door for them it nearly hit him in the face. He would never have perdicted that it was a moving object, the object he'd come from changed inherently. The place seemed so filled with mysterious objects, but each one seamed to have sentiment to him. Every piece of art or trinkety piece was linked to a time or a moment of his life. He even still carried the key to the scooter that he nearly bought the farm on.

So much of life is a memory, and his filled his remaining Mazda 626, towing a little trailer filled with his doo-dads of life. The mysterious stranger seemed mistified by it all. He seemed to be intricately aware of each piece, everything was a discovery. Though it wasn't until he reached the Googgles headset that he could finally start sharing any of the discovery with him, though that was still weeks away from being a potential reality.

In the first moments, he felt the mysticism and awareness of everything that was being experienced and occasionally the ship was driven by necessity. Though on that first evening, it was the discovery of the very reality of life. There was a fundamental grip, that he was waiting to be releaved from, but it gave an amazingly grand nature of life. The moment was bigger than his grasp on the discomforts of certains parts of it.

All he really had was the intrinsic awareness that this was more than he could handle but there was almost nothing that he could do. Eventually he just let go of what was, "What is, is, right?" He found himself sharing if only for the sentiment of communication.

"What is, is." He replied and neither was sure if they knew they were having their first conversation.

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One Shade of Reason

After the first night, everything he thought he knew was questioned. The mystery guest, seemed to marvil at each object of his existence. He kept all these remnants and memories of his youth, though he didn't marvel through them. Everything the strange man contacted, was a fresh outlook. He realized quickly how most of it could be perceived as refuse, he didn't need half the things he carried. The fragments of a life that had made sense to him.

Though when the Googgles headset became the object of curiosity, a side of humanity was presented to him that stemed so much larger than himself alone. The 3Dpedia, could walk him through almost every conjigal piece of data all he really had to offer him was who he was, though humanity stretched to something so much greater than simply him.

He didn't realize it might be something like going in back to the stone age of technology. He just couldn't stop awe inspiring every attribute and nitch of his pressence. At one point, he did think to inform him that his style and design was atypical but it didn't really matter, in reality he should be honored that this was the first impression of humanity.

As he seemed to heavily be inspecting everything. He assumed it made more sense to let him rummage through cyberspace. He rummaged for the few things he had, one of those things was a piece of early technology that his sister had bought several years ago called the Googgles headset. It was an oversized head piece that was fundamentally a computer in a helmet and the goggles portrayed what you saw and there were ear pod's that provided the sound even the very facemask provided smell. It was something his nephew had grown totally addicted to. There were even playful attributes that could fundamentally alter one's perception of reality.

Often he would go over to their house and see him just moving through space wearing it. He used to call him Darth bearing witness to the process. That style altered greatly over the next few years and wearing the Googgles headset was that passif Darth joke. Something that worked but not something you could ever wear subtly, though it was starting to reach that level where it was just headphones and a pair of glasses, only when they'd add the nose piece did you know they were connected.

It was at a point where people could be connected and not appear so at all. Society really was changing around him. Though he still viewed the world as it truly was. His nephew probably never would, why smell and hear things you don't like or see people you find ugly. His sister was glad to pass the Googgles off to him when he said he was leaving, in case he got bored.

When he showed it to the stranger, it finally started fitting in. He didn't need him pawing through all the garbage that only played his harpstrings, he would have learned but his perception would have been totally skewed, his perception was already going to be skewwed enough regardlessly, certain aspects, like language and society was already realities. Not that he knew what those fundamentally were, they just were what was.

The first weak was consumed with the Googgles headset. It was extremely larger than he could wear, squeezing him around the shoulders when he wore them, but laying on the couch with a pillow on his stomach seemed managable.

He paid attention to what he was paying attentioin to, though it was often banal or rather pointless, as if his focus were a stone skipping across the very surface of humanity. The first night he left him laying in the 3Dpedia, he didn't realize the headset wasn't plugged in.

"Munph," he said, presumably repeating what Theodore said when he first awoke him.

"What?" He replied realistically to him. For a second he thought maybe it had all really been a dream, but there he was really there.

"Question." He said intuitively. This quickly caught him in inquizativity.

"Did you just say what I think you said?" he replied verclephly.

"Question?" He said again in a different format, which he intrinsically understood but didn't have the right words to reply with.

"Are you asking me a question?" He posed falling quickly into his own.

"Words." He deemed and though it didn't really make sense, he got a resolute impression that he was speaking to him. Even if fundamentally he didn't know what he was saying. Still the selection of words, were the fundamental of what he was learning. "Machine, sad dead." He followed that up with. He didn't quite understand him, but twice he'd lived in foreign cuntries and knew languages could be quite tricky.

Machine he caught on that he was talking about something, it didn't take more then him pointing in the moment to understand that the Googgles headset was the machine. Death made sense but his choice of the word sad didn't register with him. He didn't yet realize the nature with which he was learning the language.

"Used this thing straight until it crapped out?" He asked but, he wasn't expecting a reply.

"Machine, sad, death." He reiterated.

"Yes I see that mister," he replied, "we's never plugged it in when you were first using it. Silly my mistake everything didn't used to always have batteries. Now when when it just works I don't think twice." He reasoned even if he didn't understand all the little colloquisms and word choices, he understood the basics.

"You machine alive?" He asked, and Theodore replied with a nod, which however minute, seemed to really delight him. Just getting the impression of the nodding head might result in the Googgles headset to start working again.

"Here, just plug this in here like that and this thing should run alright. Though I'm starting to wake-up and I feel the hunger, you wan't to go to the diner and try breakfast?" It only took a moment of silence for him to register reality. "Right, just cuz you used words don't mean you speak, me hungry, I go get food to eat." He talked dramatically and gestured to his mouth and belly.

It didn't take words to convince him to join him, all he had to do was leave the house, he was skeptical at first of the door but pleasantly surprised when it swung out in the same direction. This time away from him and not narrowly missing his face.

Once he found him entering the car he was perplexed why his host had moved them from the much more spacious room that had access to the interesting Googgles machine to this obscure anomoly. Which was a well decorated Mazda 626, an after thought of the life he'd used to know. It continued to change and grow. He hadn't done much and old reliable was still standing after close to 300,000 miles. It was still a beaut in his eye's. A solid green background covered with the spray painted decals of his life. Several reknowned artists also pitched in with a tag or a stencil of their own.

When he started the engine his head just nodded as if the machine were trying to say something, but when he started moving it caught him totally by surprise. This grumblesome machine was a rocket ship of it's own, even if most considered it far from it. "We bird," he said culminating his drama.

"Something like that, though birds usually aren't stuck to the ground going the speed limit, not that nor built out of scrap metal by some very constrasting artisans, not that that means much." Often he'd fill the void with words, the awareness of the lexicon was good for him, but it was grander than simply the nuances of language, he was still on the basics. "Really, it's something we's know as a car," though he didn't mind the nuances of language.

When they got to the diner he didn't register that they'd arrived somewhere, though he was still simply intrigued with the vehicle itself, going somewhere was just the mystery of this stranger. It took him walking into the new space before he marveled to the point that really he could only hold him by the arm and go on the journey.

"Well hello there sunshine, if it isn't you's, my new friend. I forget your name was Marvin? and a very underdressed midget friend of yours."

"Hi ya, ah Marla was it. Technically on paper I think I'm supposed to be called Theodore, but I'm open to anything, though my friend here, just seemed to crash land the other day up on the ridge, seems to be from some place I don't know, his name might as well be Marvin." He lamented and smiled to his newly tickled emotions.

"Well I'll say that's something strange I'll say Theodore, or maybs I'll just call you Theo," she smiled. It twisted him a bit but it was also hunger knocking at his door. "Well, why don't you's take a seat in one of dem booths and will take care of ya's". She smiled and though it wasn't inherantly flirtatious he felt it was even if it was really just formality.

When he sat in the both, they in herently sat side by side though not across from one another. This frustrated him a little tough he couldn't lexically figure a way to convince him other wise, if he changed sides he'd simply follow. "We sit like this," and he gestured dramatically, "and we're two people at a diner, we sit like this and we're like intimately sitting, two people sitting at a diner, let's just be two people sitting at the diner.

"We sit sit." He iterated which didn't make any sense to him, though he would follow him to the other side if he crossed, finally he gave up when Marla found herself ready to take there order.

"Well I think that looks nice, you's sitting there all like a father and son, cepting he clearly has a beard and you's been in here a heap a times and never with somebody like this." She reasoned playful with them, even if she didn't realize she was only talking with him.

"I think it's not right, but he don't really say much of anything, so I guess it's not like we'll be having any awkward debates or nothing." He replied a little playfully overdramatic.

"That's one thing you won't have people raising eyebrows over, so really you think this fella's from some far off planet?" Her pitched echo a momentary sense of fascination though she almost found herself laughing at herself in the moment.

"I tell's you I don't know, anything, all I really know is we should probably get a few egg sandwiches and coffee, if'n he is from some other planet I wonder if they's even had eggs."

"I'd wonder more if he's a vegitarian," she reconed intellectually.

"That's some good thinking, we'll get three; one with bacon, one with sausage, and one with nothing, if he's lactose intolerant than oh wells, maybe no cheese on the bacon one. That should fill our belly's you'll see he barely eat anyway." He smiled and she felt the same thing he'd felt to her's.

A half hour later they found themselves eating their first real meal together. Though it was really more of the same mystery and intrigue. He found himself awed by the interaction of these two, the colloquisms was something he'd learn, then suddenly there was all these new developments.

"Here's you go," she said when she finally returned with the egg sandwhiches, "so, I's was talking to the chef, and he's said he know a guy named Curtis who done claimed he seen something the other day, sounded like it was like what you's were talking about, said it was like a star falling from the sky. You's got a minute, I reckon he might stop by. Though they's all thought he was being crazy, cuz he is already a little coo-coo. Nice feller even if he is a little whack-a-doo."

"Well, we're all questionable, even if we're all good people right?" To this he suddenly got a pervasive awareness of the moment. He turned to his new friend instinctively

"What is, is." He resonated and he knew he was talking. His voice for the first time really seemed to have texture. He was developing, and Marla didn't realize really what was going on.

"Well I'll be." She gasped slightly drawn by the movement of his voice alone.

"Now is he talking? No way, though it felt sorta," Theodore found himself reasoning, though he still felt on the fence about it's existence.

"What is, is." He said again and the repetition gave him the sense that it was just the only language he had. Though something in that moment was echoing grander than simply the lexicon which was slowly evolving. He started actually becoming a person, intrinsically he almost even had a name. Though it was very unlikely that he would start call himself Marvin.

The next moment he held out his hand for Marla, which naturally she took like she was shaking his hand, she shook which he felt strangely about. "Not much of a grip on this one." She reasoned playfully. "That's a strange look you's got, like your looking through me. I'm Marla, nice'n to meet you..." She felt moved by the moment even though she didn't understand why.

Again like Theodore he seemed to be expecting something from the connection, and his head tilted on his perception of the moment. "Is'n you sad about something?" She asked. Which unfortunately he didn't have words of his own to respond with.

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Curtis Meet Marvin?

A moment later there was an older gentleman sitting across the table from him. At first his shoulder's shrugged then Marla eased them before it, became much of anything. "That there the Curtis fella I done mentioned." To which he felt grateful for, though he really didn't know what type of man he was.

"Well hello their Curtis." He said with an outstretched arm. Curtis gratefully returned the handshake.

"Well hello there you too." He greeted him. "So this here your saying, is some fella who nearly crash landed you out of existance?"

"Well really more like threw me into the water, though I'll tell you, seems like he's really from someplace, else. I guess you could say, though he's really touching, I'd be grateful for you to meet him." He felt like a tremendous weight was being lifted off his shoulders.

"I'd be glad to, even take you's all down to the salvation army get him some real clothes. Why hello there young fellow, my name's Curtis." He said and grandly reached across the table for him.

"Yeah he don't seem to have a name, I just calls him about anything." He found himself saying though he really had no reason to talk himself. This time he made a clear acknowledgement and turning from Theodore towards Curtis, he put his hand out in the air.

"Hello Curtis," he said clearly and of a moderate volume, though he seemed like he was screaming at the same time. "Me," he said and didn't follow that up with a name of his own. He simply didn't have one yet but none of them knew that.

"A pleasure to meet you," Curtis replied than turned his focus back to Theodore. "I done seen it, you's telling me this here what come out of it?"

"Yeah, I know, one minute I was just playing Disc Golf attempting to enjoy life. Next thing I know, this thing throws me in the river, thought I was getting smacked by dumbluck and the misfortune of a sattelite mishap smashing into me. Blink twice, and I'm getting the pleasure of meeting you."

"Well I'd say the pleasures mine." Curtis grinned, "I tell you I done seen it crash landed. My buddies done call me crazy thinking I's hallucinating. Wouldn't a believed something would come out of it, and to see two who's come out from there. Well I'll be." To which Curtis cheersed them.

"Well, you want to go see it? I'll tell you it's nothing like you could imagine. And we get better at communicating maybe we's can get him to show you that video thing he showed me." Theodore slurred and though he wasn't even close to drunk, he felt miles away from sobriety. "It'd be nice to not be alone in this whole sinanigans." He found himself suggesting.

"I's gots ta work, but I'd love to join you." Marla found herself saying and didn't believe the words were coming out of her mouth. "Enjoy, yourselves."

"Well how bout's you's?" He said playing off the unexpected joys of her pressense.

To which, Curtis simply smiled. "Well'n I'm glad you invited me, cuz I'd a followed y'all if you hadn't a been so gratious in the first place." This embolden their confidence to the whole situation. "Though before we go I's want to give a name to this here fella, I's even call him Mystery...You gots to have a name, what's your name?"

This time he appeared to understand what he was saying, "Me Clich" he said, though Theodore felt uncertain that he was giving himself a name. "Clich" He reiterated.

"Clich? That your name or you clearing your throat?" He asked contangled by the words, "Clich, kinda sounds like I don't know."

"Clich me, one." He said.

"Frankly I like One, better then Clich, not that it's really my choice" Theodore reasoned. Though he easily could have given him a name by now. He'd tried on hundreds but none seemed to fit. Even if Clich was a weird name that meant nothing to him. It was the name he'd given himself. Something that he used to feel so personable about, even if he did just go back to his parents birth name of Theodore.

"Well it's an honor to meet you Clich" Curtis said, "I look forward to seeing your platform thing, whatever you call it."

"I's only know how to get their from my house, which is solid couple miles up from the Belkin parkway? You think you's knows better how to get up that river there, or we's up for the journey?"

"Well I'd go up the Northbridge, to the crossing if I was going searching the other day when I's seen that mysterious crash landing, swear it look like an asteroid was hitting."

"Yeah well'n we'll try." He found himself reasoned not thinking twice that he should have already logged in to his job. His focus and awareness had shifted dramatically.

When they arrived at the embankment of the river, they were still a quarter mile from the landing site, though Clich took the role of leadership. He intrinsically knew which direction of the river they would follow, while Theodore was plum lost. Curtis didn't realize, it was just the direction where he perceived the crash landing.

When they'd arrived it seemed the environment was starting it's adaptation of it's pressence. Like flora and fauna were drawn to it's strange molecules. Though it seemed to react inherently to Clich as they arrived. Every part of the structure he came into contact with inherently transformed around him. The transition of the environment gave a twist of awareness. Though Curtis was quickly mindblown by the whole structural element, "What'n this thing?"

As the words started passing through Curtis mouth the pressentation of the video began again and this time, he thought to video it on his camera. "Wait'n till you see this, it's fudging whack-tastic-crazy."

"Woah, what'n that, some city?" Curtis drooled

"Me world." Clich said with a resolution that seemed to shimmer in his being, Theodore felt it through himself not as a first time experience. He understood his feeling of remourse. Curtis just got to have the bewilderment of the first time experience.

They were caught up by the eerie familiarities though the obvious and clearly different nature of them, then oh god! What just happened and then the reality of the cosmic shower like the asteroid belt suddenly running into us.

"That's what it looks like?" Curtis said when he started to realize the connection of the object in his impression. Though he didn't expect either of them would respond.

"That me, here" Clich reasoned and Theodore smiled, he really seemed to be speaking the language, even if his nature of it was unique. His accent was actually his lexicon though his word choices were what drove his communication.

The first moment was the same shock and awe, though this time it was followed with sending a copy of the video to his mother. "That's some crazy shit hunh?" He found himself smiling having a copy of the video and passing it on to her, now she'd know it was it, not he that was mad crazy nuts.

"That's more than crazy, that's downright surreal." Curtis rivited. His shock gripped more than his voice, instinctively he grabbed Clich by the arm. He was caught off gaurd, and turned in a slightly defensive nature.

"Me's people." He whelped, clearly disturbed, by the reality that enconsed his own.

"That's your world?" Cletus found himself declaring inquisitively, though Clich didn't have the words to confirm his awareness.

"That's what I was thinking." Theodore lured, they were both on the same page, even if they didn't really understand what book they were writing. "Though, who know's what kind of place that is."

"Tell's ya, it seem like it was us, though I ain't seen anywhere like that. Granted there be more of the world than I's ever seen, but I tell's ya, that sure seamed like some place that couldn't be and was." Cletus was more on his own wavelength by the time those words ever reached them. He couldn't capture the lexicology or their awareness, not that it was ever a deep perception of any of theirs.

Ten minute's later his phone rang, he wasn't surprised, "I'm saying that don't make no sense, right? Oh yeah and hi ya ma."

"That's an understatement. You really having some alien encounter, I know's you believed it in your voice before, but I'm too far away for it to really feel real, seeing that tells me I don't really know what's supposed to be. But that certainly is something." Hearing her fully convinced him of the developing new reality, not that he was in doubt by much more than what it'd all become.

"He started talking but, it doesn't really make much sense. I really think he's from somewhere else, like the real alien thing, but I don't really get it. Genetics produced everything from dinosaurs to human's how come he's clearly human, even if he's way smaller than me. I don't really get it. But he's alright, even if he doesn't seem to understand much, half the time when he speaks it feels like it's just the random production of noises. Though it has been a deep moment, I don't get what's gonna happen but I know something's definitely going to."

"So really nobody else seems to know about this man?" She asked not hindering her flabergastion.

"Nah, this feller Curtis witnessed the crash landing, though apparently he was with three friends, they all weren't paying attention and didn't notice it, they just thought the faint noise, given they were several miles away, was presumably a car accident. They just called him nuts, that's how I got that video because I don't know how to ask him to play it for me again. But him showing Curtis gave me the idea to tape it." He smiled realizing life had actually turned greatly on his arrival.

"Theodore that's crazy, just try to stay on a good foot, though I tell ya, seeing that video was super releiving, I wasn't certain if you hadn't really lost it, there. Wherever that is."

"Yeah we'll see there, when we are. Glad you accept it as reality and not I just haven't gone nut's, finding it kinda hard to not convince myself." He rueued blissfuly in the moment, even if he didn't fully understand what that was.

"Just be strong, if anybody I know can handle something new, it's you, something you've really been looking for, since atleast a year after your accident. Just be strong...what'cha even calling this fellow?"

Their conversatoin lasted another few minutes as Cletus seemed to continue trying to interact with Clich, who was clearly aware of him but didn't have any means to answer his inqueries. He clearly didn't speak their language, he usually answered most of what he rambled to him with, "question..."

"So wuz your mother haven'n to say, what he's says don't seem to make much sense." Curtis remoursed, and though Theodore wasn't aware of his depth to which he'd speak, he responded.

"She said it looked, just like you seen it. I don't know what should be happening, but I thinks we's on the brink of something.

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Facebooked Into Reality

He was too caught in the moment, but the first thing his mother did was post a copy of the video onto her Facebook media. She had a couple hundred friends, of them 17 reposted the video, and before long it had seized the awareness of the Facebook media group. Two hours after sharing the video with her, and his phone rang again this time from a number with no areacode that he was aware of.

"Yess'n." He answered.

"Theodore Mendell?"

"Yes'n." He answered.

"This is Arche Renner, from the upOut Corporation, I recently became aware of the video your mother posted which tagged you..." A stream of conversation opened which he gladly invited Arche Renner and the whole upOut Corporation to visit and learn more. Arche wasn't the only person who dug his address from the tag in his mother's post. Inquiziting on the posting, to all which he soully responded. "Your welcome to come see it for yourself."

"I's think we's might be having some company." Theodore gushed, the video became viral, and had already had close to a million views.

"Well'n you's think we should do something?" Curtis postulated.

"What you's still don't think he's not dressed properlly enough?"

"Nah, I done think you've made him presentable. I's be thinking something bigger like why's he here. So'n who's you talking to?" Curtis asked gainful of the moment.

"That be Calvin Whitaker of the CNN public who's gotten wind of our situation. Guess'n the news about to join our party. They's might be calling it a sham." Theodore reasoned, though even as he spoke, people were leaving messages.

He couldn't have perdicted how the news was going to react. There was something undeniably realistic about it, but given it's totally unlikely reality, he even found himself occasionally with doubts. Just because it appeared mystical, didn't make the world any less interested in magic and art.

It didn't take much to raise the question of doubts, which the news was inherent to address, it wouldn't be news if their weren't doubts. He never perceived of such a notion though, he'd been there since the onset. There wasn't anyway that he'd accept what other's naturally presumed, because even with a conivincing video, scores of doubt were established.

"They be saying, you's not anything special. That you must be the product of man somehow's and all your techno's real. But I don't see it, though what the hell do I really know."

"Me, planet you." He responded.

"Yeah, I only know what is. I tell you's I'd be on the fence if I wasn't me."

It didn't take long before certain technologies came into potentiality, which slid the acceptance of this phantastic situation. It had never occured to him that the technology of visual display like the televisionless video already existed. He didn't realize there was a technology developing on the other side of the world. That seemed to justify this potential pressentation.

As soon as the first doubt entered the mindset. They naturally quickly adopted the pressense of mind that this was all an elaborate hoax. Even after learning the truth, Theodore even started wondered if it actually were. There was nothing more convincing than their already sold status on the reality of this mysteryous stranger. If it had been a ruse, they had produced the best defence. When the tehnology first tapped the media's shoulders. Theodore was considered a charlaten.

There must be someway in which he'd already known, how could only he have all been there at the right time. If these two were undercover agents of an international hoax to raise the awareness and profitablity of the new technology. Though it would have caught on either way, at least he reasoned, not that this ever came miles from being thoughts.

When the helicopter first arrived, Clich was so excited and enthralled. The car was one movement mechanism, but this moved in a whole new way, and when each had first happed upon'd his reality, instrinsicably he'd naturally perceive them as abodes. Though Theodore's life was in that Mazda, he didn't, spend each night in there too. Perhaps he could just append a trailer, though he wasn't concerned for where he spent each night.

After relesching in the video, they were anxious to hear what he said. "Clich, or so he appears to perceive his name as, is a really rather interesting, man, I guess, man, we'll call him. Though, I tell you, he definitely has the presence of something I've never felt before. Well kind sir would you please share with us your feelings."

To which Clich just stared off into space, finally after what felt like a long moment, he addresed them. It was long enough that the cameraman might stop filming, but his every pressence of awareness and distraction were worth bearing witness to. "Me, Clich," he finally stated. "Me, you." He said, though he actually just was speaking with the reporter, his awareness of the camera was registered, but he didn't perceive it was reaching out across the world.

"I'm not sure what he means by that, but I tell you, it does sound like he's addressing our mutuality, I don't think he's impying to actually be me." The reporter said, "though who he is, I'd tell you is a mystery to us all. For seven eyes, I'm your man, Joel Turner."

At which Joel addressed Theodore. "So you Theodore Mendell, is that right? You discovered Mr. Clich out here?"

"Yeah I was standing right over there thinking I might be going in the river, when next thing I know, well here we is." Theodore stated, he was starting to get mixed emotions about the whole affair, he was still in the moment, he didn't think about what was going to come of all this.

When the news caught wind of the over seas producer of visual media extremely similar to Clich's, doubts were quicklky raised. Theodore wasn't ever convinced that he'd potentially been duped, but he always did wonder, like was this even life or just simply his perception of the after-life. The movement and transition's of the structure quickly convinced him and the current reporter that it couldn't possibly be a ruse.

Though when that technology in certain manners was realized as technically a reality. Other red flags were raised, for all they knew. This was the hoax of some errent billionaire, and though none such ever seemed to come to light, the potentiality that he really was what he presented himself as being seemed impossible.

The one truth that really tugged Theodore's mind set was, from the existence of dinosaurs to the rebirth of humanity, evolution had presented itself in so many different ways. If indeed this had been some being from some far off planet, what were the odds that it would fundamentally look the same as a human. Though granted they did all come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

He didn't argue that it might look human-esque, some benefits in evolution ring true, having legs, arms, fingers and toes, a mouth, etc. There were fundamental purposes for everything. He even started understanding why he almost never talked and when he did it seamed more like he was screaming. Though he couldn't be certain of any of his reason's. If this really were the errant act of some billionaire, then it must be Clich, and if it was, he was doing an incredible job of covering it up.

Though once the news had well established the potentiality that it was a hoax, that caught on, and though the first few days were a whirlwind tour. The doubt seaded even reaching Theodore, though he couldn't convince himself which started causing a strange feeling in the pit of his belly. This wasn't the first nagging feeling of doubt that he'd ever had. It was what fundamentally drove him out here in the very first place.

The question's raised kept them in a central spot light. Though Clich enjoyed the grandeur of the moment, he wasn't interested in the constant badgering. He was drawn most inherently by the grandiose nature of the Googgles headset, 3Dpedia. Though he didn't yet have the words, "me machine." He kept telling them.

To which they'd typically respond, "what does he mean?" His awareness was a part of their news report, though he just wanted to drift through the currents of education.

Even in the moment he wasn't aware of his inherent desires, they were still on the onset of existence. The Facebook posting of his mother's had stired a frenzee, though that was all it was three days they stayed around waiting for it all to fall to peices, when it didn't, most simply lost interest.

Theodore realized well after he was four hours late from his second day of missing work. That life had drastically turned the course of his reality.

"I assumed that was you on the news." Janet his boss ployed on him. "What are you doing way out there, I thought we paid you in Waverly Square?"

"Yeah I was just using that address so you all didn't think I'd gone loco. Next thing I know this here fella from another world nearly cuts me off." He was playful even if he didn't think there was any chance he was keeping his mundane job. "I don't know if you's all still want me, I can just take another week off and go back to the dispatching assistence."

"I think you's got more going on than you's even know." She was always very playful with him when he used to work in the office, even in the disiplinary role she still spoke with a grin. "We'll call this an unexpected leave of absense, you ever come back, you know you always have a home in the Dash-Dispatching world."

"Did I just lose my job?" He asked the void.

Clich replied, "you, me." He didn't know they were even in the same moment but even as the whole thing crashed unpredictably into reality, they had always been standing side by side.

The interviews lasted for several more days and weeks to follow but at the end of each day Clich and Theodore were still side by side.

The homelife was usually spent with Clich devling into the Googgles headset 3Dpedia. As Theodore found himself constantly badgering questions of their reality. Though after the first week he did resume his job of mundanely doing dispatch assistence, it was a nice side track to the new constant badgering. 1/3rd of the week he was just an anonymous joe. The rest of the week yeah, I'm the guy who showed the first video.

After the first few weeks Clich's learning curve improved dramatically, and sifting through the 3Dpedia's history, you could really see the transformation of going randomly to the redistribution of the whole learning curve, he basically covered an elementary school level of cognition.

From the first days of saying, me Clich to the morning he welcomed him with the word "hello, granted he followed that with "greating, hi..." It was more like he was coming to terms with the very notion to begin with. Watching Clich's transformation from simply a strange being, to a strange being you could communicate with transformed his reality. Though the world didn't really catch on, they saw it primarily just as a hoax, one he would gladly accepted, had there been a truth to that reality.

Though, the mystery only grew with each day. Until eventually his day started with Clich telling him "good morning."

"Do you even know what that means?" He asked as a ruefull questioneer.

"Yes, good is a sentiment, morning is the time of day. good morning."

"I'd of also accepted Journo Theo-dor-ae." He said playfully.

"Journo Theo-dor-ae, that I know not."

"Your an easy one to fool." He gabbed and though they were only newly to delve in the friendship reality. The more he learned the more he thought the world might eventually catch on to the reality of this strange man.

Though mainstream had the attention span of a gnatt and though they did catch the limelight on those first few encounters. They quickly became has beens of societies attention span. It didn't take long until it was primariliy just Theodore and Clich and though there always believers, Curtis even started an entire institution founded on the belief of Clich as some baby Jesus sort of fellow.

Each day was only an hour of awareness, the rest filled with the onset of inqueries. To which Clich replied, "question?" to most though, typically was drawn to the awareness of the Googgles headset 3Dpedia, other's learned from him that he typically, didn't show interest in their interview, primarily he just answered, "Me, Clich, question, question question...Me Clich."

Eventually life presumably resumed, even if it didn't make sense to any of them.

"What's life?" Clich once asked. "It everywhere."

"It's everywhere and everything, the very nature of our existence." Theodore reasoned with him, "the very reason we're together even if sometimes we's worlds apart. Life is everything you're aware of and probably even where you isn't." Theodore frowned on his answer what was life? It was, so it must be something, even if he couldn't certainly say what it was. "We's aint got a choice, it just is."

"Me no sleep, life is." He stimeed which turned his grin.

"I's no understand you, but it is." Theodore replied and gave Clich a high-five which he followed through with, not certain if that was really part of the conversation. He'd often learned through action, even if they didn't appear to mean anything.

"What's our life?" Clich replied.

"That's a question we's been answering every day. I think we should start in the direction of filling our bellies, that's everyday too." This was there typical conversation, depth and abstraction blended in a painting of words. Though typically the foundation was laid by others.

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Skeptic Perception

Before they'd realized it was almost the year anniversary, "I don't believe it, we's having our one year anniversary." It never really dawned on him that Clich had become family, his awe and awareness drowned their reality.

"Them's Up and OutThere people are going to do something, you's ready to show them the man you've become?"

"I'm me, is something."

"All anybody can ever really hope for. Who's we, might be the real question."

"You my brother, compatriot, friend..." Clich said trailing into his train of word association.

"I'll's take any of those, I'd have also accepted patron or sponsor."

"I no understand." Clich replied though he was happy for each of the little nuances he and Theodore embedded into reality.

"Yous don't have to, these are some of the only people who still believe your from out of this world, though how you isn't's beyond me. They's gonna be so happy you's what you are. Even if your awareness raises the doubt of the skeptics. Funny, if I's wasn't me, I wonder what I's even think."

Now when the camera presented itself, Clich knew that he was being broadcast to more than simply the person he was talking to. The awareness grounded him deeply, but still he was awe inspired more by the very movement of the planet. "Well hello there, Clich, you call yourself."

"Yes," he replied. "Me. Clich"

"Mr Clich, you've suposedly been first encountered and aware of the planet and language for a single year, though we're told that you've learned a great deal."

"What is learned?"

"Let's be frank, you appear to understand the language."

"Me only speak words I learned."

"Though even your perception of such an eloquence dictates that you aren't new to speaking.

"Me person, I communicate, me world, people use orafice for ingestion not communication."

"Yes we've all seen the video, we see how you perceive communication, kinda though it seems more like your life is an embedded chat room, with all the bells and whistles of reality. Though really, what that world is, is but a mystery to us all."

"Me world, lost. Me existence, discovery."

"You here it yourselves people. Clich an alien from another planet? Maybe you didn't get that impression, he doesn't seem like he should be one, though the debate is up to any of us. I for one still haven't seen the proof that he isn't one, even if the technologies all already exist. And if it is a sham, then these two characters are doing one hell of a good job, because I couldn't imagine they were acting."

"Well if this really were a ruse, I hope I get paid back for all the meals I've had to conjure for the lad. How old do you think he is?"

"How old is he? I'd say no less then twenty five maybe, older."

"How old are you?"

"What is old?"

"This conversation."

"Me only me, age no accept, alive."

"You heard it folks, those are some deep words, from our own living alien. I thought they were supposed to have big heads and eyes. Those are only childish perceptions. We wouldn't realize one could live right beside us."

"He basically lives with me, though he does go back to the ship to 'juvenate'" he said playing on the reality of Clich's perseption of sleep. Though he did like him have the appreciation that each new day was like life starting fresh.

The Up and Out There network broadcasted the interview, and though he did fit squarely in the wheelhouse of their reality. He didn't fit the role that anyone had ever envisioned for him.

Then one afternoon Clich touched his arm and he felt something, his emotions.

One year became twelve in the blink of an eye. Theodore was in a mid life crisis when it all culminated. He and Marla had started seeing each other though that itself was a whole other story. What became of his impression of love changed greatly.

Over the course of that first year he was focused primarily on Clich's development. Wondering what or if he would start being more accepting of the reality that had formed around them. Clich's use of language evolved, first around learning the nature of species. "This place we are is filled with life," he once told him and he knew that he was speaking in the nature of more than simply the butterfly that had pirched on him.

"They're ain't much else in the world to reach for." The glaze of life set heavily upon them, not without there occasional folly in the act of existence. The first time that Clich felt the need to sleep was about three weeks after their ennsemble developed. He never realized that when he drifted deeply into the 3Dpedia, wasn't when he first went to sleep. He just assumed he nodded off on some of those eighteen hour binges.

The way he made his first transition was so abrupt. He was in some outer space program, a faction of the 3Dpedia he spent much of his preliminary time on. "Clich rejuvination." Theodore at the time was chatting with an old friend updating him on the dramatic turn his life had taken.

Even if he felt alien to them, he still accepted the original self's choice of friendship, even if he was worlds apart from the man he was. Those people were a part of his life, though those still were really good people. "Wo, what's cooking?" He asked cutting his friend of midsentence who was accidentally walking squarely into the door.

He knew that there was only one particular exit to the room, he just forgot it would be potentially blockaded. "Me need recooperation of existence, what you's refer to as sleep." He said clairvoyant as he pondered an instant on how to operate the door.

"You's need my bed? I's always thought you just been zone-ing, when you's wearing the Googgles occaionally."

"Sleep occasional not nightly, cell restoration, Clich-pod, Clich rejuvenation."

"Well'n you's want me to come with you's."

"Planet turn at least five time's."

"Well alright, I's atleast show you's the way up there."

"Is Clich." He told him resolutely which didn't make any sense to anyone, but even he felt resolved in his reason to say it.

When they approached the albatros, there were several people already there. Apparently there was a good campground not far from it and since the onset of it's reality, plenty were drawn to the area. "You's them," she said feeling almost mystic in the moment.

Life stood still for a moment. 'You' he felt drawn to say though he could feel the ambient tension. She heard that they lived away from the debris, and he was curious to scratch upon the surface of his world, even if she was miles from it. "What's going on." He found himself drole before Clich intercepted.

For some reason he felt compelled but instead he just lingered upon the moment.

"We's who we's." Clich replied gently.

"We's done seen that video and came here, I done thought you were living someplace else."

"Nice to see you too."

"It is you."

"We we're friends even if we never were Friendster's"

"I thought it might be you. So you really discovered the mystery..."

"I's still living it. This here I'm learning as you is, is still his home."

"What are you saying," but before the words had a moment to be replied to, the platform structure started changing around them.

"This that techno shit?" Her man drawled, as he drew out his camera to start recording the alteration. He was totally in a different moment then they were having of recognition.

"Your telling me's that be some crazy shit, I's starting to believe it really was real."

"Granted that's pretty convincing, but come on, I'm thinking that might just be the extremely well timed nature of this shit."

"You's the skeptics, hunh?" He reveled in the moment, there was a nice twist.

"Nah, I's been a believer since I first saw that video."

"You's not the only one, you's want to see the video I saw?" Theodore asked which totally fed into the suspects suspicion. "Clich, before you go 'to sleep' let us see the blarch." Making an explosion like gesture.

"People can always see." He said gesturing to the unchanged corner of the platform that he'd originally viewed the video. With that he said, "you say, good night."

"Night, guessing it's almost then, I'll see's ya next time I do. Always welcome you's know. Alway's welcome." Clich entered the newly formated section of the platform.

"What's that going on?" She asked moved by the moment.

"Well I don't really know, but I think that was his way of telling me that a day is more like a month and he live here and not with me."

"Well that's some unexpected, shiz, that there's Marvin, Mendel, and Bridge. We's was what you'd call skeptics, I don't know what I's is anymore. That really was you."

"Well, nice to meet you all. I think he was saying that if anybody goes over there they'll see the video."

"Fur reals." She said as they were all drawn to that corner of the platform. "You's really didn't know that."

"All's I've ever known of life was what the moment gave me."

"So you's really isn't riding a wave on us all is yous."

"Can't tell you how many times I imagined, that this was some twisted over indulgent prank. Atleast then my life would make logical sense, all I know is what is. And you's not know it was me?"

"You's quietly disappear about two years ago sprouting some nonesense, then this guy show's up unexpectedly looks like you squawking more whack-a-doo, not like I's your mother's 'friend' I's seen that video from an entire 3rd perspective. You's just looked like the guy on the news, granted some peeps mentioned maybs, I's always knew you as Banana."

"I was much more playful with my nomenclature back in the days. Well'n always a pleasure, good seeing you's two's good. You's should see what I saw one afternoon a month ago." It knocked on his heart as he pandered the wellbeing. The world seemed to be changing alot.

The reality that it would autoplay the video only heightened the whole skepticism of the affair, people could go see for themselves. Though just because you were welcome to see for yourself, only raised doubt, because when you see it, despite all the slight quirks of technology. It still clearly seemed to be man-made.

Just as he'd perdicted he took a solid six days recooperating, he didn't understand what the structure provided for him, though he didn't know how his species recooperated. Skeptic's would ralley that this was a greater inheritency of the mystic.

It was impossible to enter the structure when it transformed for his 'sleeping.' So really it was incapable of knowing what he was doing within it. Even if all the mechanism was capable didn't mean they knew how it worked, and since predominantly it only did it's bigger technological effects in his pressence it was questionable how they even worked.

Clich took a while returning from his first recooperation, and skeptics were incredibly drawn by the restitution, though equally engraved in the question. Most who still didn't believe what Theodore and Clich knew as reality, just stimied, 'see even more proof.' They waggled and the sentiment never really changed much.

Clich was alway sidetracked after his restitution's though Theodore was the person he'd fall back on, the first few times probably just for the Googgles headset, but it became a brotherhood. Primarilly it always seemed to be Theodore who insistigated it. Clich seemed to accept his personage, but he was often sidetracked by questioneers who flocked his pressence.

Curtis even began talking about Clich as an Angel. Tapped on the shoulder by persist, brought in by god to show his bretheren the light. They chewed up his gospel, it was the same oblong religious perception and Clich would pass them. People acted all kneal and patriarchal around him. Though he didn't pay them much heed.

"You were sent here, what did they tell you."

"I seek planet, where I can breath free. Clichoasis, me planet," to which he added the appropriate gesture with his hands.

"Hard not to imagine, he longs for a pleasent grasp."

"Clichian people long to breath unprocessed air. You not realize these were the first breaths I ever inhaled of impure oxygen."

The first time he was sidetracked by reporters, one even paid to have him medicaally examined. Other than his retracted vocal chords and the fact that he had 6 less teeth than the average adult male. He seemed to have all the same biology. Though when watching him ingest, they saw that his cells appeared to behave differently.

Though they couldn't provide specific proof that he wasn't human, even if they revealed intrinsic minute differences. "So you clearly play the role, but it couldn't possibly be for all I know you are genetic toy sent to trick us,"

"If I trick, what is my treat?"

"That doesn't really make sense, even if your just being playful. Though you simply can't possibly be what you give the impression of, for all I know your some inbreed mini offspring of some eccentric billionaire's secret. There's no way that God/Evolution would be so mundane in its growth of an organism.

"Though possible, only certain organisms evolve cogniscent. We all have such a status of being."

"Though if that were true, it would provide the assessment that specieal existence is extremely rare, as in we are the only cogniscent species of the universe, which is an extremely long stretch, other organisms must have evoled."

"But we evolved such similiar pieces because they were all necessay to produce the cognitive being, as you see we continue to evolve, most kids aren't born with Wisdom's."

"Well you've been with him since square one. Either you are the magician, or we're really in a surreal perception of existence."

"Well'n magic was the focalpoint of my childhood. Though this is out of my league, if,n' we's is magic. I'm's it plum patsy fall guy, though I'd even think Clich was one given his involvement in our sentiment of being."

"What's that your saying?"

"Life is" Clich resolvely stated.

"It's hard to believe we can sink so low, to which that is our defense. Life is, the plummest reality of them all."

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Time Has Meaning

He didn't think twice before it was in their 12th year. When his people first arrived. It was witnessed by many. Those who thought it was all a hoax quickly found the will to believe. They arrived for well over a day straight populating every place they landed. Each device landing into a place as if it were a laid address.

A few of the places were occupied already and they didn't think twice in the redisitribution of the land. Several people unexpectedly found their house's no more, and plenty of them joined them in the moment.

They were'nt disrespectful, they simply didn't perceive of anything. People were quickly outraged by the loss of land and more often than not life, in the redistribution of the alien's interpretation of their ground.

"You must understand, you are only matter in the perception of my people." Clich reasoned with the masses. Once the new race of people seemed to be arriving from outer space, it became a central conscious of the world. They realized that they had been presented with the potential reality of these little people who seemed to ultimately control matter.

People were quick to assume Clich was the only potential commication to these people who had tried to talk in depth of the matter for the last ten years, once he learned the context of their understanding. They had turned the shoulder to him, and though a few were well considered to be believers, the new race didn't visually percieve a difference.

"So you are really who you said you were." Was the typical first responce. "Well who are these people and what is there sentiment?"

"Me people just like you. World."

"Are they good natured? Because often when they are redistributing matter that was already claimed. Already more than a hundred people have simply disappeared in the arrival of another one of your people."

"We don't perceive matter, though I appologize." He was sincere in their lack of perception. The world they were coming from was entirely prefabricated. Their wasn't anything that existed for a lack of primal reason. Even the very nature of their society, gladly accepted suicide/government sponsored redistribution, it was known as. Though reality, everybody existed for a specific reason.

Clich himself was brought into perseption and reality that he was simply a transmitor beacon of a habitat that was acceptibal of their physical being. After the people first arrived, he was going to pass on his material being, the very molecular cells that made him who he was, it was considered the honorable and right thing to do.

Theodore stood in his way, just because death/lack of existence was something he'd accepted. It wasn't his mindset to stop existing. How could he accept and believe something like that. "We are but the existence of cells. The specific combination that allows us to exist and provide for our species. We are one living entity, comprised of other living entites."

"Is that some sick way of saying what I think you are?"

"Often you know me, but take a completely unexpected perception."

"You's exist fundamentally, well it's not like your made of titanium and steel, if you is a robot, so what good be your cells and molecules."

"We exist for other's to exist. Our fundamental means of nutrients are from people that had performed their task of existing before me. Existence is the awareness of existing, we may come again, and change forms, but our existence is only the moment, but our species is an existence, that lives for something larger."

"You lost me there kinda, I'm kinda getting that you only exist as a precursir to being food for another to exist."

"That is why we typically exist."

"So you precursored finding a suitable new planetary environment, and now you are going to 'give' yourself back to your people?"

"Yes, we are not gripped by the hardship of love. We don't hold onto more than the fundamental of being the matter of other people is only that. Maybe you would see our world."

"Your world is no more, here we perceive each life as a voice, and somes even believe in reincarnation, when people pass on, we bury them underground."

"Yes, I've seen, giving back to the planet. Possibly since we've lost our planet, we only have ourselves to give ourselves to."

"I's never thought of it like that, but you's a member of our planet now, follow our custums. I's can't say it'll make life better, or you'll go to heaven. Though this life, however fleeting is your's, might as well hold onto it."

"I see and accept."

"Well'n thanks, you's think you could tell your's people."

"My's people already perceived the culmination of my existence, they no longer consider me. I've passed on in their perception. I am actually considered a contamination of the species"

"Well'n they's gonna accidentally kick start a true world war if they's ain't more conscious and aware of their selection of our world to be inhabiting."

It was the native species which started the war. The aliens were not expecting a war to be fought, they didn't really understand what war was. Their species had hegemony for so long, that the concept of contrasting perceptions didn't make sense.

At first they were caught totally off gaurd with the perception of the first gun. Several of them had been shot to death before it was even realized how and why, just a loud noise and then they were no more.

Though it didn't take them long to figure a means of metalic protection once they knew it was a molecular structure called the bullet, that was rapidly approaching them. They produced a protective device that would sense any on coming and instantly redirect it in a reverse direction. It took the people as long as the aleins to figure out how it always seemed one inadvertantly shot themself.

A peace was drawn between the two species, very tentative and many were underpleased with the pressence of them, though they continued seeming to flood the planet. There didn't appear to be an end to their species. Theodore didn't realize Clich's perception of reality, might have been completely just an obscure twisted strand.

Quickly space ran out. It didn't take them long to start their own means of communication, and the people were very sweet. Even if they didn't perceive any inherent means of necessity. They wouldn't just eradicate them. People existed like them for the reason of growth.

They didn't typically have inter-species relations though they wouldn't simply just eradicate those who were just first drawing on the strings of existence. They had no clear perception that they weren't already just a significantly more advanced version of themselves.

The most adequate means of acceptance. Was to perserve the man who had welcomed their pressence on the planet. If he'd killed Clich or prevented him from using the device, as they called them, they would have never been drawn their in the first place. Without this Theodore, their species might never have found a new home.

He didn't realize but detailed results of Clich's awareness had been logged. They knew all about him. When suddenly their was an eradication of all who didn't acknowledge his existence, weren't considered.

They didn't think about the reality that those people who were tapped in his awareness of being, were all over the world. Though they simply redistributed all that matter to a small section, called the past. Though nobody ever called it that.

The people perceived that area probably as a zoo of the original inhabitants. People were thankfull that through their association they were given the chance of continuing to exist, though most were torn from the lifes they were living.

He became love/hated without him they'd be nothing and with him the tornment of reality. These gentle people who had casually eradicated their lives. Making space for the preservation of their own.

"There's enough space." He'd argued at the onset, though he didn't fully understand the extant of their needs. There was barely enough space on their own, and though they'd lost most in the end of world, that had been ages before. They'd been repopulating, reinvesting in the existence of their people. They didn't realize the world was big enough for them.

Though they were quite accepting of having the extra space for the prospect of growth. Despite not fully aware that there would be any, not with the inhabitants already audacious quantity of the planet being consumed.

"We don't eat the ground, it eats us." He'd ended that first conversation about the reality of a cemetary with Clich.

They clearly didn't see the world the way that he did. And when suddenly the world was the zooology of Theeodore's life. The very nature of life changed. "I'm sorry my brother's and sisters. He knee jerked reacted. Life altering events never shortchanged in his being.

Curtis was spared though he was the only one, talking about the breathren of Clich, how he had been sent as a message. Though when the world was primarily eradicated. Curtis had a twisted satisifaction of the people. Though several hundred still shared the faith and lost their sense of existence. The line was drawn of Clich's first awareness of the human species, what had became of the next twelve years was not the interest nor awareness of the people. They were turning humanity into a zooology they weren't aware of emotions. In the awareness of their being it was only existing for a purpose. They'd stopped believing in existence just simply for awareness. Life had to have a reason for existing.

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All Goes in a Circle

At the end of Theodore's life, Clich could no longer hold onto the will of being. He turned himself over to the mortuary department and was received as a lost soul returning to his final acceptance.

She had survived, Theodore's emotions were strong for her, but he didn't make it. It wasn't that he detested him, just never much a part of his life. When that became reality, she was so augmented that she was one of many who'd rather take their own life.

"I'm sorry," he told her, "I never perceived that this was what might become of our lives."

"It's not your fault, I should be gratefull to have the understanding of what it all becomes, though where is my life in this world."

Just because you were allowed to learn the hardship of existence, doesn't mean it's a world you want to live in. He understood when she appeared so torn. He hadn't ripped the paper, but he pur her name on it.

When she couldn't accept that life wasn't worth living if you were torn from all you knew and loved. Though these people weren't vindictive when they altered what the other's had perceived as existence. Just because they pat your back doesn't mean they aren't also tearing your heart out.

Ultimately, life had changed, they had become a thin specrum of existence, on their own planet. And all because he had been good nature. The world was over even though they still had one. "Maybe if you believe in that whole. Heaven after-life stuff."

"Yeah, not really my cup of tea." She said and a tear of grief lived in the corner of her eye.

There wasn't anything that Theodore could do, though off-spring of the future survivors would perceive him as some monolithic figure. Not that he was God, but he was a reason for their fundamental existence, though the species was always the good natured sentiment of the species, we won't make them extinct even if we're going to take their world.

Though perceivably they might not have saved any of them if he hadn't held out his hand for Clich. It wasn't the world he knew, that's probably why these people seemed to call it 'New Earth'.